Our Story


Our vision was birthed and created in 2019 from a need to regrow my natural hair and nourish my daughter’s natural hair. Due to stress and scalp trauma, my hair began to decline with hair loss, thinning and balding edges. I tried numerous products, and to no avail, I never obtained results. My hair needed nutrients that were missing from the products on the shelf.  I began my research and essential oil creations in 2019 using ancient essential oil combinations with various nutrients needed to reverse my hair loss. I started using the oils and was amazed! I experienced immediate results. I progressed to applying the oils to my daughters’ hair to ignite and optimize hair health. We all have different hair types (3C, 4A, 4B, 4C, and combination types), and I needed to see if various hair types would benefit from the product.  Results were tremendous! 


Our products are designed for men, women, and children. Our unique, essential oil combinations will assist in the healing process of alopecia, psoriasis, postpartum hair loss(special formula for breastfeeding moms), dry scalp, hair loss due to trauma, scalp inflammation, lice, eczema, breakage, stunted hair growth, scalp irritation due to relaxers, split ends, damaged hair shaft, thinning hair, etc. We offer unique special formulation services for our clients with health factors (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), special hair needs, breastfeeding, and various medications that would conflict with certain essential oils. We are here to help bring out the best in you! We are confident in our results. Results may vary, but you will achieve your goal. Come journey with us and become a part of the Shesé movement!


All of my daughters have long, flowing, healthy and nourished hair! This was awesome, but the next discovery blew my mind, literally! As I used these oils, I experienced mental clarity, relaxation, cognitive improvement, reduced headaches, tranquility, alertness, increased energy, reduced stress, improved sleep, and mood-stabilizing! This was a true awakening! Not only will our essential oils renew and improve your hair, but they will also revitalize your mental capacity. There isn’t another product that exists to achieve our mission to bring wholeness to your mind, hair, and spirit! Growth begins inwardly and protrudes outwardly as we become healthier. We are not stating that our products will heal your mental health challenges and illnesses, but they will promote your healing process. With this in mind, I didn’t want to keep this best-kept secret to myself. I wanted to share this great discovery with others who desire to experience hair rebirth and achieve their hair goals as naturalists.