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Grease and Your Hair!

For generations, using grease and oils has been part of our hair care routine has been rooted in the African American community. Over time we have become more knowledgeable about the benefits of natural oils and more practices to maintain a healthy scalp with more time.

  • Grease is a term used to describe heavy pomades that are thick and inconsistent. They typically include ingredients like petroleum and mineral oil.

  • Oils are lighter than grease and produced in a liquid form. They typically include natural oils that absorb into the scalp and hair.

Grease and Your Scalp

Grease is often used to help maintain moisture for your scalp and maintain a healthy scalp. Applying grease to the scalp comes from the belief that if the scalp is dry or flaky, adding grease will cure the dryness and get rid of the flakes, but this practice can worsen the scalp condition. Grease can provide a temporary shine or give the appearance that flakes have disappeared. However, the grease can clog hair follicles, accumulate on the scalp, and plaster flakes to the scalp, making the existing scalp condition worse.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of a dry or flaky scalp, it is more likely a result of an imbalance in your scalp’s pH or dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. It is essential to first consult with someone about the cause of the symptoms. If you are going to apply something to the scalp to balance the scalp's pH, you should stick to oils.

How do you use oils?

Moisturize daily

We need to moisturize our hair daily. A moisturizer should contain:

  • Water.

  • Oils for lubrication and sealing in moisture.

  • A stimulant (encourage cell replication).

Heavy greases, pomades, or products that contain petroleum and mineral oil coat the hair but do not moisturize it. Often leaving your scalp clogged and dry.

In conclusion, grease isn't necessarily rancid for your hair, but it can be tough to maintain a healthy PH for your scalp and prevent clogging when using it. Typically essential oils tend to be a healthy alternative. Working knowledge of the use and benefits of certain oils can enhance your current hair care regimen and boost the ingredients in your existing products. Several drops of essential oil or our Shesé holistic oil can improve the quality and condition of your hair and scalp.

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