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Veronica Mayes

I’ve been using Shesé Hair Oil for over a month now. This hair oil has really given my hair the moisture and shine it needs. In addition to its hair growth benefits, the oil is very lightweight and has a refreshing scent. I also use the oil as a straightening agent for my daughters hair. I’m absolutely in love with the shine and moisture it gives her hair. I definitely recommend Shesé Holistic Essential Oils, you won’t be disappointed

Yolanda Brown


I ordered the Relaxation & Peace of Mind oil AND the Focus & Mental Clarity oil. I couldn’t wait to use both. I used the Relaxation & Peace of Mind oil as a bedtime regimen after a shower. Love the aroma first of all! It truly relaxed me after a long day of work and I easily fell into a good night’s rest. I used the Focus & Mental Clarity as a massage oil (or rather had it used on me during a massage 😉). And baaaaabyyyy!!! The beautiful aroma relaxed me so much and my skin was so incredibly soft for the rest of the day. Highly recommend both!!!!

Shayla Martin

BerryAmazzing Designs

I absolutely love the Shesé Hair Oil! I experienced postpartum shedding which resulted in thinning edges but after using the Shesé hair oil for a little over 2 months I have noticed a significant difference. In addition to it's hair growth benefits, the Shesé hair oil has a refreshing scent that leaves your scalp feeling tingly and it's lightweight so it won't clog your pores. I use it on clean freshly washed hair and massage it in for 1 min, 2 days a week. A little bit goes a long way. It's definitely worth the investment!

Majesty Dixon

I have been using the Majestic Massage Oil for a month now, and I am in love! I use it when I get out of the shower. It is so moisturizing and it makes my skin so soft. I also love the scent. It smells so good! I am using the relaxation oil which has lavender undertones. Try the oil. You won’t regret it!

Anastasia BeYou

Anastasia’s Healing Hands & Therapeutics

Tameka, the passionate founder of these magical blends of essential oils for the use of hair growth and over all wellbeing during massage has been a God sent! My massage therapy clients are truly ecstatic about all of her blends. They are now on their way to buying her oils to add to their existing collection- or begin a collection for the first time by purchasing from Sheseoils exclusively. The packaging has been selected with care and conscientiousness. I am a massage therapist, personal trainer and spiritual counselor
and I know quality oils!

Thank you Tameka for creating this brand and I know that it’ll grow and never lose its personal touch and quality. Will never lose the pulse of the brand as the founder is truly educated and professional. She will not create anything that she wouldn’t use for her own family and self. I love the founder and her creation called “Sheseoils.”
God bless Anastasia

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